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On March 5, 2006 a special service was held at Longtown Presbyterian Church at 4:00 P.M. Tim Swann and Donald Levister were ordained by the ruling council of of Congaree Presbytery as ruling Elders for Longtown Presbyterian Church. After the ordination the present members of Longtown Presbyterian were asked to raise their right hand if they so desired to become a church of the PCA, Presbyterian Church in America. The membership voted in favor 100%. The members present were Tim Swann, Donald Levister, Regina Swann, Elizabeth Levister, Margaret Cannady, Frances Stewart, Nancy Watts, Bruce Elrod, Chris Elrod, Connie McFadden and Paula Jackson.

Longtown Presbyterian Church was organized in 1882. The church property which is located in the Longtown Community, nine miles northeast of Ridgeway was donated by Samuel McCormick who served the church as an elder. Members of the congregation built the main structure which was completed in 1884. Wooden pegs, which can still be seen, were used to assemble the structure.

Prior to completion of the church building, the congregation met with the Liberty Hill Presbyterian Church on the other side of the Catawba River. The Peay's Ferry was used to cross the river.

Stained glass flanking the alter area was donated by First Presbyterian in Columbia, SC. The stained glass was salvaged after Sherman marched through Columbia and burned the First Presbyterian Church.

Stone pillars at the entrance to the church cemetery were donated to the church. The pillars once stood on the Peay Plantation, Melrose which was a grand plantation. Sherman burned Melrose and the pillars to the plantation were donated.

Among many other noted Fairfield County citizens, Confederate Veterans of the War between the States are buried in the cemetery. The bell located on the right of the church is from the old Longtown Community School.

March 6, 2005 - Congregation session called in prayer. A quorum was present. The congregation agreed to join the Presbyterian Church of America with four absentee votes by proxy in favor of joining P.C.A. Vote was 100% of the membership of the Longtown Presbyterian Church. P.C.A pastor Louis Igou Hodges presided over the vote. Those that voted were:

  • Elizabeth Levister
  • Margaret Cannady
  • Frances Stewart
  • Regina Swann
  • Nancy Watts
  • Bruce Elrod
  • Chris Elrod
  • Timothy Swann
  • Connie McFadden (proxy)
  • John McFadden (proxy)
  • Paula Jackson (proxy)
  • Donald Levister (proxy)


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