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Cemetery Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations were established by the cemetery committee in session and passed unanimously March 2, 2005.

  1. All new interments must be buried with a vault.
  2. Lots are allocated to members and non-members. If however a family dies off or no member is buried in a plot after 50 years, the plot space will be retuned to the church for future internments. Non-members will pay as follows: $400 per space, $800 for 2 spaces, $1600 for 4 spaces and $2400 for 6 spaces.
  3. Flowers placed on graves will be removed if they are in disrepair, worn or weathered to the point that they are an eyesore. No permanent trees or plants will be planted without first consulting the cemetery committee.
  4. The cemetery committee will provide new flags for all veterans, U.S. and Confederate, when the old ones wear out.
  5. New internments should have a tombstone or footstone one year from internment. All new internments will be immediately added to the cemetery plat.
  6. No more copias or closed-in family plots will be allowed.
  7. There will be no satanic symbols or cult symbols on headstones, footstones or tombstones.
  8. Non-church members wishing to use the church for weddings or funerals must pay a fee of $75 for the sanctuary and a $50 for the fellowship hall. The money will go to the church general fund. No wakes will be allowed in the church. Only ordained ministers can utilize the church or fellowship hall.
  9. The cemetery committee will require a brief history of any future internments for historical and genealogical records.
  10. Only church members will be on the cemetery committee. All members will be voted on by the congregation and all monies spent will be approved by the session and all other church committees. 

Donations for the Longtown Presbyterian Cemetery Committee Fund can be sent to:

Longtown Presbyterian Church
Cemetery Committee Fund
8010 Longtown Rd
Ridgeway, SC 29130

All contributions are tax deductible.


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